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Welcome to the SHARPn Tools page. On this page you will find links to the latest versions of the tools that have been developed thus far. These would be stable versions of the tools and not the releases currently under development.

Data Normalization

Data Normalization Releases
  • CouchDB is the default target database where CEMs are placed.
  • Fully automated approach for sending documents through.
  • cTAKES (Natural Language Processing) function embedded.
  • Only one Mirth Connect channel to store CEMs to DBMS.
  • MySQL is the default target database where CEMs are placed.
  • Manual intervention is required at times to move documents to stages in the pipeline.
  • HL7 message sorting channel used at the front end. Only this version uses these channels.
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Practical Modeling Issues Video Presentation
Stanley Huff
August 23, 2010

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing Releases
cTAKES is currently in process of becoming an Apache project. No official releases are available yet, but this is where the community now hangs out.

High-throughput Phenotyping

High-throughput Phenotyping Releases

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Drools as Phenotyping Tool Jyotishman Pathak, PhD.; SHARPn Co-Investigator; Assistant Professor of Medical Informatics at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Dr. Pathak discusses leveraging open-source tools such as Drools (a business rule management system (BRMS)) in the SHARPn Phenotyping work.