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US Department of Health & Human Services

Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Program Official: Wil Yu

Area 1:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign(#10510624)Security of Health IT PI: Carl Gunter, PhD Area 2:The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston(#10510592)Patient-Centered Cognitive Support PI: Jiajie Zhang, PhD Area 3:Harvard University(#10510924)Healthcare Application and Network Platform Architectures PI: Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD Co-PI: Kenneth D. Mandl, MD, MPH Area 4:Mayo Clinic College of Medicine(#10510949) Secondary Use of EHR Data PI: Christopher Chute, MD, Dr. P.H

Area 4 Program: PI-Christopher Chute, MD, Dr. P.H; Program Advisory Committee (PAC; Program Manager-Lacey Hart;

Area 4 Project 1: Clinical Data Normalization Services and Pipelines; Lead-Dr. Chute Area 4 Project 2: Natural Language Processing; Lead-Dr. Savova Area 4 Project 3: High Throughput Phenotyping (HTP); Lead-Dr. Pathak Area 4 Project 4: Scaling Capacity to enable near–real-time throughputs; Lead-Dr. Ferrucci Area 4 Project 5: Data Quality; Lead-Dr. Bailey alt=Area 4 Project 6: Real-world evaluation framework Lead-Dr. Huff