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What is CTS2?

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About CTS2

CTS2 is a model and specification for discovering, accessing, distributing and updated terminological resources on the internet.

A Specification

CTS2 is an Application Programming Interface (API) specification.

  • It defines the semantics, syntax and valid interactions that can occur
  • It is a “blueprint” for software
  • If everyone follows the blueprint (and the blueprint is sufficiently precise) then CTS2 clients and services can interoperate
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CTS2 Development Framework

The CTS2 Development Framework is a development kit for rapidly creating CTS2 compliant applications.

NCBO Bioportal Implementation

A CTS2 Implementation based on the NCBO Bioportal

...more implementations!

Learn more about the CTS2 implementation work being done!

OMG© Standard

CTS2 - an Object Management Group© (OMG) Standard

For the latest info on the CTS2 OMG© Specification, visit the specification page.