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Beatriz de Faria Leão has an MD (1977) and a PhD (1986). She has done a Post-Doctoral in Health Informatics at the Medical Informatics Department of Erasmus University, Rotterdam (1989-90). She has been into health informatics since 1982 and she is one of founders of the Brazilian Health Informatics Association. Beatriz allies solid academic background to public and private sector experience. As academic she worked as an Associate Professor of Health Informatics at Federal University of São Paulo (1998-2000) and as an Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Applied Informatics Department at the Informatics Institute in the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil (1996- 1998). Currently she’s an independent consultant in Health Informatics with focus on Health Architectures and Standards where she concentrates her work. At the moment she's working with the Brazilian MOH in the national EHR project. Since 2009 she’s been involved in projects in the African continent, supporting countries to build their national eHealth policies. Since April 2010, Beatriz has been working for Jhpiego (Johns Hopkins affiliate) on the human resources for health information system (HRH-IS) for Mozambique. She is the leading consultant coordinating the design of the HRH-IS as part of the national eHealth architecture and totally harmonized with the national eGov strategy. Beatriz is also the Chair of IMIA Standards WG and Chair of WG1 at the Brazilian ISO TC 215 Health Informatics mirror committee.