Terminology Tooling Requirements

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The CIMI community has agreed to use SNOMED CT as the primary terminology in the CIMI modeling tool and to add whatever concepts are necessary within the CIMI namespace as necessary. The assignment and management of SNOMED CT concept identifiers for concepts, simple reference sets ("extensional" value sets), value set definition reference sets, etc. is a non-trivial process and will require supporting software and infrastructure. Following is a list of requirements for the supporting tools:


  • 1 Must be present - absolutely necessary for CIMI tooling
  • 2 Highly desirable - work arounds are possible, but a tooling that supports this requirement would be strongly preferred
  • 3 Desirable - would be useful if present, but not necessary
  • 4 Wish list / future
Category Priority Requirement Description Notes
Concepts 1 Concept Query Retrieve concept(s) that match a text string and/or author
Value Sets 1 Value Set Creation A CIMI author should be able create a new value set given a value set name
Classification 1 Classify Produce complete set of inferences from added content
Concepts 1 Concept Creation A CIMI author should be able to create a new concept with a preferred name, parent concept (if known), and an optional description of its intent and purpose
Concepts 1 Concept Modification Change the preferred name, parent concept(s), and description of a CIMI authored concept
Concepts 1 Concept Extension Ability to provide new synonyms for existing concepts
Concepts 1 Formal Definition Ability to enter full formal definition for a concept
Import/Export 1 Export Export CIMI extension in RF2 format
General 1 Global Access The CIMI Extension contents will be accessible to anyone via the internet with the appropriate credentials.
Import/Export 1 Import Ability to import CIMI spreadsheets Format is being defined
Import/Export 1 Import Import new releases of SNOMED CT in RF2 format
General 1 Performance Meet acceptable performance measures (TBD)
General 1 Programmatic Access Tool should support a web-based API (ideally CTS2 compliant) that will allow external tooling to query and retrieve content
General 1 Provenance All additions and changes will be tagged with the changing user id and change data
Value Sets 1 Value Set Modification A CIMI author should be able to add a list of concepts to a value set and/or remove one or more concepts from a value set
Value Sets 1 Value Set Query A CIMI author should be able to locate value sets by matching their description, authors or content.
Value Sets 1 Value Set Retrieval A value set should be retrievable by identifier
External Terminologies 1 Tooling must support read only access to multiple terminologies, including Country codes, Mime types, Language Codes, (possibly) LOINC and others.
External Value Sets 1 Tooling must allow construction of value sets drawn from multiple and/or external terminologies
URI Support 1 Tooling must support URI based identifiers (e.g. http://snomed.info/id/{SCTID})
OID Support 1 Tooling must support OID identifiers Could be a subset of URI support (urn:oid:2.16.840.1.113883.6.96)
Non Technical 1 Cost - does the tool need to be purchased? Are their other associated fees?
Non Technical 1 Governance - Who controls the tool and its content?
Non Technical 1 Support - What can be expected from the perspective of bug fixes, enhancements, questions and operational support
Non Technical 1 IP - Is the tool open source? Are there elements of the tool or its derivatives that are owned by the tool provider
Non Technical 1 Stand Alone - (need more detail on the intent of this
General 1 Hosting - where and how will the common content be hosted? What are the terms of the hosting?
General 2 Browser UI Access The CIMI Extension contents will be accessible for query and browsing through a vanilla browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari
General 2 Change Provenance A list of all changes by by a given user or all users should be queryable over a given date range
Representation 2 Compositional Grammar Represent concept in SNOMED compositional grammar expression
General 2 Format Concept and Value Set Retrieval should support CTS2 Format
Representation 2 OWL Represent concept or set of concepts in OWL
Reasoning 2 Relationships Retrieve defining relationships for a concept
Maps 2 Simple Maps Represent simple maps between SNOMED CT and other terminology Q: "represent" or "create"?
Reasoning 2 Subsetting Test subset relationship between two value sets Value set subsumption testing is a more difficult task. For value sets that are "intensionally defined", subsumption testing would prove that the members of one value set are necessarily (logically) also members of a second vs. simply demonstrating that, as a code system is defined today, all members of value set A are also members of value set B.
Reasoning 2 Subsumption Test subsumption between two concepts
Reasoning 2 Subsumption Ability to determine classifiction of a post-coordinated expression
Value Sets 2 Value Set Definition Value Sets should be constructable using a formal grammar
General 3 Change History The list CIMI originated changes for a given concept, value set, etc. should be queryable
Reasoning 3 Classification Support classification of the ontology
Maps 3 Complex Maps Represent complex maps between SNOMED CT and other terminology Q: "represent" or "create"?
Import/Export 3 Export Export CIMI extension in RF1 format RF2 --> RF1 conversion programs exist
Import/Export 3 Export Export extension as spreadsheet(s) Format would have to be defined
Import/Export 3 Export Export extension in CTS2 format CTS2 provides ability to do spreadsheets and other formats via XSLT
General 3 Format Concept and Value Set Creation and Modification should support CTS2 Format
General 3 Spreadsheet Import Concept additions, value sets and other changes should be importable via a spreadsheet
Concept Model 4 Concrete Domains Support defining and non-defining concrete domains. Note: this may become a higher priority as, in particular, some of the model depends on inferences about relationship domains and ranges.
Concept Model 4 MRCM Allow extension of MRCM to support CIMI modeling requirements
Concept Model 4 MRCM Test the rules of the MRCM (including domain, range and cardinality)

Notes: There were a couple of additional requirements in the notes from an earlier meaning that I don't have enough information to get into the table above:

  1. "Hierarchy" - I need to understand the intent
  2. "Ability to create conditional content" - need a bit more information on what "conditional content" means