Terminology Tooling Requirements

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The CIMI community has agreed to use SNOMED CT as the primary terminology in the CIMI modeling tool and to add whatever concepts are necessary within the CIMI namespace as necessary. The assignment and management of SNOMED CT concept identifiers for concepts, simple reference sets ("extensional" value sets), value set definition reference sets, etc. is a non-trivial process and will require supporting software and infrastructure. Following is a list of requirements for the supporting tools:

Requirement Description Notes
Global Access The CIMI Extension contents will be accessible to anyone with the appropriate credentials.
Browser UI Access The CIMI Extension contents need to be
Add New SNOMED CT Concepts A user will add a new concept as a proposal - supplying a proposed preferred name, parent, description (definition) and, optionally, differentiating characteristics. Concepts will be visible to and queryable by the CIMI community