Taskforce Meeting Minutes - 23 February 2012

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CIMI Reference Model Taskforce – Brief Meeting Minutes

Thursday 23rd February 21:00-22:30 UTC


Linda Bird (Ministry of Health Holdings, Singapore) Michael van der Zel (Results4Care) Grahame Grieve (Health Intersections) Josh Mandel (SMArt) Gerard Freriks (EN13606 Association) Stan Huff (Intermountain Healthcare) Apologies Thomas Beale (Ocean Informatics) Richard Kavanagh (NHS Connecting for Health)


Review draft report, including: • Mission • Terms of Reference • Deliverables • Definition • Architectural Framework • Requirements

Brief Summary

Mission – Agreed Terms of Reference – Should include the option to start from an existing model, rather than from scratch; Aim to quickly move from requirements to existing reference model (if possible); Requirements work can run in parallel to continue to allow requirements to be improved; Deliverables – Allowed for one or more UML class diagrams; Added reference to ADL; Will also present recommendations associated with the proposed CIMI Reference Model at the next face-to-face meeting (e.g. related terminology work that should be progressed); The strong inter-dependencies with the Clinical Modelling taskforce were discussed. Members – Summary of plan for additional members from Stan Definition – Agreed; Suggestion to include an explanation of why we are using a reference model (i.e. Motivation for reference model). Architectural Framework – Discussed, with overall agreement; more time requested for further review. CIMI Reference Model Requirements – Proposed purposes of the clinical models were extended; General agreement that realm-specific models should be able to both specialise and extend the international models; General agreement to exclude clinical content from reference model; This raised the importance of defining a set of reusable clinical ‘patterns’ (defined as constraints on the CIMI RM), which will form the basis of other more specific clinical models; Reviewed requirements to the end of ‘General Technical Requirements’.


• Linda Bird to: o draft a motivation for using a reference model and redistribute requirements document, as revised during meeting; o contact Cecil Lynch(Clinical Modelling Taskforce) regarding coordination between the two groups; o arrange creation of Wiki page for communication with wider group. • All taskforce members to review draft document and provide feedback and rewording as required;