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Welcome to the Clinical Information Modeling Initiative wiki!

Welcome to the CIMI Wiki. This wiki can be read by anyone. If you wish to contribute to the contents of this wiki you may request an account.

To be added to the CIMI email list please contact Virginia Riehl at

The CIMI Glossary has been transferred into the wiki. We still need to get a a graphics rendering tool installed so we can look at in a fashion similar to the maps in the source document. The glossary pages are organized as a combination of "categories" and "individuals". Categories represent classes of things, such as Organisation, Standard or Specification, Object Management Group Specification, etc. Individuals represents instances of these categories, such as Object Management Group, Unified Modeling Language, Unified Modeling Language, etc.

Most categories and individuals have one or more reference definitions. These definitions are drawn from external sources and should not be changed. (TODO: revert changes that have already been made). A category of individual also has an official CIMI definition that may or may not match the reference definition. To suggest changes to the CIMI definition, use the "Definition" link on the page. As an example, if you wanted to suggest updates or changes to the definition of Organisation, you would click on the "Definition:" link, which would take you to a page named "Organisation_Definition". You could enter comments in the discussion section and/or make changes to the definition itself.

Don't worry about making changes. Mediawiki maintains a complete history of changes and anything that is done can be readily undone. In addition, Mediawiki detects simultaneous changes and provides a reasonable resolution mechanism.

This is there because the definitions are "transcluded" into the containing page (e.g. Organisation_Definition is included in the Organisation page, but we don't want to classify Organisation as a Definition - just the definition itself.

Additional information can be found at the Mediawiki Main Help page

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