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Root page for the clinical modeling activity

Clinical Models - Test

  • Heart Rate (Observation Entry / Measurement)
  • BMI (Grouping for Calculation)
  • Apgar Score (Entry)
  • Glucose Tolerance (Entry)
  • Adverse Reaction (Entry)
  • Problem List (Composition)
  • Medical Order (Composition)
  • Carer-reported Nausea (Observation Entry / Assertion)
  • Wound Culture (Unsolicited/Reflex Order; sensitivities/susceptibilities)

Existing models

An initial set of organisations only; to be added to. For the content rows, suggest to add URLs or wiki links to dedicated pages.

Model CHI HL7 InterMountain Nehta openEHR SG MOHH VHA R4C / DCM NHS CfH
Heart rate xx xx xx xx Heart Rate [1], Pulse[2] xx xx yes xx
BMI xx xx xx xx yes xx xx yes xx
Apgar xx xx xx xx Apgar [3] xx xx yes xx
OGTT result xx xx xx xx yes xx xx WIP xx
Adverse Reactionxx xx xx Adverse Reaction [4] yes xx xx WIP xx
Problem List xx xx xx Problem/Diagnosis [5] WIP xx xx xx xx
Medication orderxx xx xx xx WIP xx xx xx xx
Nausea xx xx xx xx WIP xx xx xx xx
Wound culture xx xx xx Antimicrobial susceptibility testing (WHO) [6] WIP xx xx xx xx