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A set of policies and processes through which the high clinical quality of all clinical artefacts (including clinical models/archetypes) is maintained, during creation, storage, verification, maintenance, and distribution, by, for and on behalf of CIMI.

[JL: replaced "governance framework" with "set of policies and processes." I think the circularity would be an issue even if things like "governance framework" were hyperlinked.]

"clinical governance" suggests governance of clinical activities: suggest "clinical model governance"? --Jay Lyle 17:12, 28 February 2012 (EST)

--Stephen Chu 11 July 2012. Governance is more than "a set of policies and processes". Governance has three components: Structure - which includes membership, roles and accountability Principles on prioritization, decision making and quality. The principles are translated into policies including decision policy, editorial policy and quality policy, etc. Processes