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{{Seealso|Name Binding}}
{{Seealso|Name Binding}}
{{Seealso|Semantic Binding}}
{{Seealso|Semantic Binding}}
{{Seealso|Value Binding}}
{{Seealso|Terminology Value Binding}}

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Definition: The assertion of a relationship between the information model and the terminology. Binding can define the semantics of elements and of their value domains (“element” and “value” binding, respectively), and it can be accomplished with natural language or with controlled terminologies (“name” and “semantic” binding). Binding refers both to the process of establishing relationships and the documented relationships themselves.
Reference Definition: The term 'binding' denotes the structural relationship between 'the information model' (modelled using archetypes) and the 'terminology'. There are three main types of terminology binding:

  • Semantic Binding
  • Name Binding
  • Value Binding (openEHR website and documents

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Reference Definition: a node of an archetype is given meaning by reference to an external terminology. http://www.biomedcentral.com/1472-6947/8/S1/S7 (BMC Med Inform Decis Mak)
See also: Element Binding
See also: Name Binding
See also: Semantic Binding
See also: Terminology Value Binding


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