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Abbreviation: LIM
Definition: An information model that constrains a conceptual model with patterns designed to support interoperability with legacy or future systems, without specifying technology-specific details

Reference Definition: A LIM is a 'design time' representation of a domain's data, organized in terms of entities modelled as classes and relationships and may be independent of any particular terminology or implementation. These abstract models can be used to define information requirements from which more specific constrained information models are derived. For a specific run-time environment LIMs are used to generate IIM instances. (HL7 SAIF-IF)
Reference Definition: A PIM exhibits a sufficient degree of independence so as to enable its mapping to one or more platforms. This is commonly achieved by defining a set of services in a way that abstracts out technical details. Other models then specify a realization of these services in a platform specific manner. (Object Management Group (OMG) website)
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