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Definition: An idea. In information modelling, a concept is represented as a word or phrase in order to support human understanding, but may also be represented with a concept identifier in order to bind it to a controlled terminology or ontology.
Reference Definition: A Concept is an abstract thought about a thing, orÊthings, in the world. It the basic unit of communication and each concept represents an atomic unit of thought that references a concrete or abstract thing. A single concept may be represented using either a single code, a defining expression or a structure of other concepts from which this concept is defined. (HL7 SAIF-IF) - IHTSDO
Reference Definition: A Concept is a unitary mental representation of a real or abstract thing – an atomic unit of thought. It should be unique in a given Code System. A concept may have synonyms in terms of representation and it may be a singleton, or may be constructed of other concepts (i.e. post-coordinated concepts). (HL7 Core Principles)
Reference Definition: In SNOMED CT, each concept is uniquely identified by a concept ID, and a Fully Specified Name (FSN). SNOMED CT concepts may be formally defined in terms of their relationships with other concepts. (IHTSDO)
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