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CIMI Reference Model - Work In Progress

On this page the current CIMI Reference Model Artifacts and "Issues/Questions" for further development and perfection.


Starting point was the OpenEHR RM 1.0.2 as a BoUML XMI file. Did some "fixing/workarounds" to the XMI to make the import work in Enterprise Architect (TODO: include XSLT and fixed XMI download). We stripped that of implementation specific properties and added some based on the CIMI Reference Model Requirements.

  • Enterprise Architect (.eap)
  • Generated RTF
  • EA XMI

Example CIMI ADL

  • Generated from DCM's...

Reference Model Issues/Questions

  1. CLUSTER.structure_type ?? what is this, docu missing

Data Values Issues/Questions

  1. "PLAIN TEXT" has a space as separator, all others have underscore '_'.
  2. INTERVAL is not typed (aka INTERVAL<T>). I thought we said something about some types (INT, *DATE*) of intervals, or de we allow all types to be used?
  3. QUANTIFIED.magnitude is of abstract type DATA_VALUE, that means every datatype can be used as magnitude? Example: The magnitude of this DURATION is this PLAIN_TEXT "Hello world?"
  4. ABSOLUTE_QUANTITY.accuracy is of abstract type AMOUNT, that means every datatype can be used as accuracy. How does that work with DATE and TIME? Example: The accuracy of this TIME is QUANTITY "15 kg"?
  5. I expect TERM_MAPPING.match not to be any Char, but rather one of an Char enumeration
  6. I would want to add a stereotype for the datatypes and attributes, that say if it is for implementation or not. E.g. TERM_MAPPING is for <implementation>, I don't see how to use that in the definition of a clinical model.

Issues Importing EA XMI into Eclipse UML

  1. Use of xmi:type attributes within the EA extensions (non-UML metamodel content) causes EMF to throw ClassCastException, e.g. xmi:type="uml:Association". Had to delete all EA extensions to eliminate import exceptions. About the last 80% of XMI file is non-standard EA extensions. Everything between <xmi:Extension> tags.
  2. After removing EA extensions, I had missing EA_Java type that is buried in extensions. I copied the EA_Java_Types_Package from extensions into the model package.
  3. Invalid use of xmi:id="EAJava_DV_INTERVAL<DV_DATE>". XML attributes may not contain < and >. Had to fix this ID.
  4. All UML Comments are still owned by Package. They must be owned by commented model element to appear in modeling tools.
  5. EA exports Comments with 'body' as an XMI attribute. Eclipse UML expects a child <body> element. XMI is very lax and allow for either attribute or element for any metaclass property, but Eclipse (rightfully, IMHO) uses a child element so that whitespace may be included in comment body. Eclipse UML has an XMI load option to use lax attribute processing. This works for EA XMI file, but must be customized in the default editors.