CRM Taskforce Meeting Minutes - 19 April 2012

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  • Linda Bird (Ministry of Health Holdings, Singapore)
  • Gerard Freriks (EN13606 Association)
  • Josh Mandel (SMArt)
  • Thomas Beale (Ocean Informatics)
  • Michael van der Zel (Results4Care, Lifelines)


  • Richard Kavanagh (NHS Connecting for Health)
  • Stan Huff (Intermountain Healthcare)
  • Galen Mulrooney, ONC, U.S.A.
  • Grahame Grieve (Health Intersections)
  • Cecil Lynch (Accenture) - CIMI Clinical Modelling Taskforce


  • Clinical Modelling Taskforce Update
  • Tooling Update (e.g. XMI)
  • Datatypes Update
  • Semantic links
  • Clinical Patterns
  • Isosemantic models
  • Terminology
  • Demographics Model
  • Plans/Actions

Brief Summary

  • Clinical Modelling Taskforce Update
  • Tooling Update (e.g. XMI)
    • Plan: Test Enterprise Architect 9.3 for XMI import/export
    • Requirements: Michael to look at this week
  • Datatypes Update
    • Tom, Grahame and Alan to continue
  • Semantic links
    • Recommendation: To add the ability to define a semantic binding of each parent-child-node relationship within the archetype
    • Recommendation: To investigate further the requirement to add semantic bindings to the reference model (and therefore instances)
  • Clinical Patterns
    • Recommendation: Clinical patterns are not included in the reference model, but are defined using archetypes. This enables the ability to define a library of clinical patterns, which can be further specialised into specific clinical models.
  • Simplification of the Reference Model
    • Recommendation: To remove the attributes ENTRY.encoding and ENTRY.workflow_id, and add to enable ENTRY to be a concrete class
  • General
    • Reference model needs to be informed by clinical models
    • Suggestion: Arrange joint meeting between reference model and clinical model taskforce. Plus request a stream of representative models to test reference model.
  • Isosemantic models
    • Recommendation: Include a compositional-grammar based expression language to define equivalence between isosemantic models
  • Terminology
    • Recommendation: Include a compositional-grammar based expression language to defined terminology-based constraints on the model
  • Demographics
    • Recommendation: The demographics model is reviewed and revised if necessary.
  • Plans/Actions


  • Distribute minutes: Linda
  • Continue to work on tooling requirements: Michael, Linda
  • Followup on XMI import/export issues: Tom, Linda, Michael, Galen
  • Continue datatype work: Tom, Grahame, Alan
  • Collaboration with Clinical Modelling taskforce: Linda, Cecil, Stan
  • Followup on Semantic Parent-Child Relationship requirement: Linda, Richard
  • Draft requirements gap analysis: Linda