CIMI Voting Member Policies

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Clinical Information Modeling Initiative Voting Rules

This set of Voting Rules has been drawn up by the Interim Executive Committee, formalizing practice to date within CIMI. They are effective from 1 Feb 2012 until further notice and will be reviewed after permanent organizational and governance structures are put in place.

1. A “voting member organization” is an organization that has been recognized by CIMI as holding voting authority, has chosen to exercise its voting privilege, and has designated a primary voter for that organization

--a) See Appendix 1 for the current list of voting member organizations.

--b) Qualifications and process for membership shall be published.

2. In addition to designating a primary voter, a voting member organization may designate up to two alternative voters (proxies). These are the only eligible voters for each voting member organization. The primary and alternate voters are also noted in appendix 1.

3. Voting at in-person meetings

--a) Voting proxies must be declared to the Chair for absentee voting member organizations prior to the beginning of the meeting in order to be able to vote in the meeting.

--b) At least 2/3 of all voting organizations must be present either in the room or virtually for voting during an in person meeting, otherwise votes will be conducted by e-vote

--c) A single proxy representative for any organization may vote only if the primary voter for that organization is not present.

--d) A simple majority of the eligible voters present in the meeting carries a vote.

--e) The Chair may call for a show of hands of all participants within the meeting to determine the level of consensus and hence be able to move on to a new topic.

--f) Official votes may be called

--- i) By the Chair

--- ii) When requested by any designated voting representative an official vote must be called.

--- iii) By consensus of those present in the meeting

--- iv) In scheduled meeting hours as published at least 48 hours in advance

--g) Official votes will record

--- i) The names of the voting member organizations who participated in the vote

--- ii) The names of the eligible voters who participated in the vote

--- iii) The actual vote for each voter

4. Online e-votes

--a) Will be coordinated by the Interim Executive Committee

--b) Will be open for a designated period of at least 15 calendar days or until all members have voted – this will be made clear on any call for voting

--c) E-votes may be carried with a simple majority of all voting member organizations

--d) Final tally and individual votes will be published to CIMI members

Appendix 1

1. Voting Member Organizations (recognized February 28, 2012)

Canada Health Infoway
en13606 Association
GE Healthcare
Intermountain Health
Mayo Clinic
MOHHoldings Singapore
NEHTA (Australia)
NHS England
South Korea
US Departments and Agencies

2. Organizations that will become voting member organizations upon receipt of primary voter designation (alternate voter designation is optional)


3. Organizations that have declined to exercise voting privileges at this time