CIMI RM Patterns

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This page is for recording notes about CIMI RM patterns. The original 'Technical Architecture' page containing early discussions is here, including an original table of RM patterns.

A version of this table is shown below.

Data types Generalised data types for key atomic data representation, including text, coded text, quantity, dates & times, etc openEHR DTs, 21090 DTs, RFH (G Grieve)
(Classifiers?) Key concept + qualifiers + modifiers Method of referencing terminology concept and adding context-specific information Clinical Element Model Reference Model (CEReference20081114.pdf, page 20); Intermountain Healthcare
(Classifiers?) data / state / qualifier In observation data, separate out data, patient state and qualifiers DCM2010 ISO13972
Tree structure Generalised free-form tree for containing clusters of data items, e.g. the 5+1 Apgar items, numerous microbiology result items, etc. openEHR RM, 13606 RM, HL7 (all)
Participation A pattern defining the connection between parties (people, organisations, devices) and other information. HL7 (all), openEHR, 13606
Party + role + accountability A pattern defining relationships between parties, including those that are roles played by some underlying actor. HL7 RIM, openEHR
Clinical process
History of events A structure containing 1..* Events, allowing data and patient state at each one, supporting intervals, point events, and math functions, e.g. ave/delta/max/min; used in Observation type openEHR RM
Entry / clinical statement types Distinguish key Entry types based on clinical / scientific problem solving process, including Observation, Evaluation, Instruction (order), Action, Admin entry, Generic (any content) entry CIR
Observation: (Classifiers?) data / state / protocol (/reasoning) In observation data, separate out data (actual datum being recorded e.g. BP) from patient state (e.g. lying, standing) and protocol (cuff type, instrument type) openEHR RM
Order state machine + careflow mapping A way of recording current state in progression through a standard state machine applying to any ‘order’, and mapping any specific careflow step to a standard state machine transition, enabling standardised querying openEHR RM, HL7 RIM
Clinical process event links A pattern for representing temporal links between related events in a clinical process HL7 RIM Act Rel, openEHR / 13606 LINKs
Composition / document An aggregation concept acting as a ‘bucket’ for information recorded by a professional at a given time for a given subject of care, supporting audit & context meta-data. openEHR, 13606, CDA