CIMI RM Patterns

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This page is for recording notes about CIMI RM patterns. The original 'Technical Architecture' page containing early discussions is here.

The table of RM patterns is reproduced below.

Data types Generalised data types for key atomic data representation, including text, coded text, quantity, dates & times, etc openEHR DTs, 21090 DTs, RFH (G Grieve)
(Classifiers?) Key concept + qualifiers + modifiers Method of referencing terminology concept and adding context-specific information Clinical Element Model Reference Model (CEReference20081114.pdf, page 20); Intermountain Healthcare
(Classifiers?) data / state / qualifier In observation data, separate out data, patient state and qualifiers DCM2010 ISO13972
Tree structure Generalised free-form tree for containing clusters of data items, e.g. the 5+1 Apgar items, numerous microbiology result items, etc. openEHR RM, 13606 RM, HL7 (all)
Participation A pattern defining the connection between parties (people, organisations, devices) and other information. HL7 (all), openEHR, 13606
Party + role + accountability A pattern defining relationships between parties, including those that are roles played by some underlying actor. HL7 RIM, openEHR
Clinical process
History of events A structure containing 1..* Events, allowing data and patient state at each one, supporting intervals, point events, and math functions, e.g. ave/delta/max/min; used in Observation type openEHR RM
Entry / clinical statement types Distinguish key Entry types based on clinical / scientific problem solving process, including Observation, Evaluation, Instruction (order), Action, Admin entry, Generic (any content) entry CIR
Observation: (Classifiers?) data / state / protocol (/reasoning) In observation data, separate out data (actual datum being recorded e.g. BP) from patient state (e.g. lying, standing) and protocol (cuff type, instrument type) openEHR RM
Order state machine + careflow mapping A way of recording current state in progression through a standard state machine applying to any ‘order’, and mapping any specific careflow step to a standard state machine transition, enabling standardised querying openEHR RM, HL7 RIM
Clinical process event links A pattern for representing temporal links between related events in a clinical process HL7 RIM Act Rel, openEHR / 13606 LINKs
Composition / document An aggregation concept acting as a ‘bucket’ for information recorded by a professional at a given time for a given subject of care, supporting audit & context meta-data. openEHR, 13606, CDA