CIMI MTF Minutes 20140717

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CIMI Modeling Taskforce – Meeting Agenda

Thursday 17 July 2014 @ 20:00-22:00 UTC

Note: There were no minutes taken during this meeting. Please find the draft agenda below.

Draft Agenda

  • Cancel July 24 meeting? (Stan out – Utah holiday) – Meeting will be cancelled
  • Poll for MTF face-to-face meeting – Sarah Ryan
    • Week of September 22 is the preferred time period
    • Checking on locations in Hawaii
  • Review of CIMI models – Patrick Langford
  • CIMI terminology binding strategy and design
  • Progress on next steps
    • Create new BMM from EA, new UML model (Michael, Joey, Patrick, Thomas)
    • Create mindmap representations of the new reference archetypes - Linda
    • Create two new reference archetypes
      • "Entry style” subject and context association – Done
      • “Subject in model style” – subject is in each indivisible model – make this second
      • Determine if we want an intermediate parent between these two models and item_group
    • Finalize the reference archetypes needed for lab and lab panels (Joey, Patrick, Thomas)
      • Make a new version of “proof of concept” types (Thomas)
      • Are there additional intermediate types
        • Incorporates the knowledge of information that should be in lab models
      • Cover types needed for individual lab results and lab panels
        • Entry like
        • Cluster
        • Clinical Data Group (distinguish atomic from collections)
    • Create one or more secondary/tertiary reference archetypes for lab data (Joey, Patrick, Thomas)
      • Numeric lab
      • Coded lab
      • Titer lab
      • Ordinal lab
      • Textual lab
    • Create some specific lab models (Joey, Patrick)
      • Panels – Complete Blood Count
      • Hematocrit, hemoglobin, glucose, etc.
    • Use the models to explore and resolve terminology binding strategy
    • Forward generation of CIMI content from existing content
  • Any other business