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The question arose whether CIMI could use the Standards Knowledge Management Tool (SKTM) glossary.

This is available at:

The developers of this website are Heather Grain and Andrew Grant, it started as an ISO project to achieve consistency in definitions and an overview of definitions currently in use in the various Standards Developing Organisations (SDOs).

The question whether CIMI could use this glossary was answered positive.

This means that:

1. CIMI can use the SKTM glossary to search for concepts and definitions

2. CIMI can contribute concepts and definitions to the SKTM glossary

3. CIMI can label any concept and definition in the SKTM as: "Used by CIMI" or similar.

4. CIMI can filter through the SKTM glossary to get an overview of all concepts and definitions that are in use by CIMI.

Advantages for CIMI are clear:

- access to a growing comprehensive set of concepts and definitions in health informatics.

- marketing of CIMI work.

- maintenance of finalized concepts and definitions is dealt with in a professional manner, loosening the strains on volunteer work in CIMI, which is important for the long run.

- the CIMI glossary can be dedicated to work in progress and discussion, once decided it is finished, it can go to SKTM for others to use as well.