CIMI Glossary Meeting 20120808

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CIMI Glossary meeting, 8 August 2012, 5 pm EDT (2100 GMT)


  • Sarah Ryan
  • Linda Bird
  • Gerard Freriks
  • Jay Lyle

Unable to attend

  • Stephen Chu
  • Sandy Stewart

Agenda & Minutes

  1. Remaining from last week
    1. Review task for this meeting: review sample definitions in light of SKMT criteria and 13606 assets
    2. Request Usage Notes and Examples attributes from Harold (Jay)
  2. Include CTS2 and IHTSDO assets
    1. Sarah to invite Jay to IHTSDO glossary meeting; will also discuss alignment
    2. CTS2: need to identify the right person to glean definitions
  3. Gerard will remove 13606 assets & replace with a single authoritative source
  4. Results of review
    1. Reviewed & updated subset of Gerard's work
  5. Task for team: please complete the 10 samples for next meeting
    1. copying in reference definitions is helpful
    2. don't forget to copy in the existing CIMI definition & edit according to SKMT
    3. modify based on additional reference definitions, if appropriate