CIMI Glossary Meeting 20120724

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CIMI Glossary meeting, 24 July 2012, 5 pm EDT (2100 GMT)


  • Sarah Ryan
  • Linda Bird
  • Gerard Freriks
  • Jay Lyle

Unable to attend

  • Stephen Chu
  • Sandy Stewart

Agenda & Minutes

  1. Review task for this meeting: review sample definitions in light of SKMT criteria and 13606 assets
    1. Request Usage Notes and Examples attributes from Harold (Jay)
    2. Include CTS2 and IHTSDO assets
    3. Review model-related terms (save terminology concepts for after IHTSDO and CTS2 definitions are captured)
      1. Approach seems sound
      2. Need specific resource URLs for 13606 assets
    4. Task for team: please complete the 10 samples for next meeting
  2. Heather Grain demonstrated SKMT tool
    1. Recommends setting a watch on any terms adopted
    2. Can set up sandbox account


  1. IHTSDO glossary alignment assessment
    1. Talk to Jane Millar (Jay)
    2. legal language around organizational alignment