CIMI Glossary Meeting 20120626

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CIMI Glossary meeting, 26 June 2012, 5 pm EDT (2100 GMT)


  • Sarah Ryan
  • Sandy Stuart
  • Gerard Freiks
  • Jay Lyle

Unable to attend

  • Stephen Chu
  • Linda Bird


  1. Meeting time: this time works for all on the call
  2. Number: the GoToMeeting audio works for all on the call. Jay to ask Linda and Stephen if they require an IHTSDO international line

meeting time. this one works.

  1. Continue to accept new proposals for terms, relying primarily on points of disagreement in working discussions (see criteria for inclusion in the charter)
    1. action item: identify which terms should be brought up in technical and modeling groups
    2. more specifically, ask group chairs to identify such terms (Jay)
    3. action item: Attendees to bring suggestions to Glossary meetings. Preferably, already created in Glossary as "new" (all)
  2. Assess modification of current definitions to conform to SKMT guidelines (, criteria)
    1. action item: post on wiki (Jay)
    2. use existing definitions first; use guidelines for authoring
    3. action item: apply rules to existing de novo definitions
    4. action item: design tasking to do this (count terms) (Jay)
  3. Coordinate proposal of our terms to SKMT--includes consideration of versioning.
    1. action item: talk to SKMT about how to go about this
    2. action item: determine need for versioning
    3. action item: contact Heather regarding SKMT demo (Sarah)
  4. Coordinate incorporation of class definitions documented in the model into the glossary
    1. right now, there are no definitions in there
    2. action item: determine which model artifact names require glossary definition (done)
    3. propose: use 13606 definitions as starting point for model artifact definitions
    4. action item: post 13606 definitions, as well as 13606 modeling glossary (Gerard)
  5. action item: governance process for publishing
    1. wait for sponsoring SDO decision: they may have an interest
  6. send the team cimi link for ihtsdo alignment assessment; include instructions for term creation
    2. follow the "Glossary" link on the left navigation bar to browse the glossary.
    3. To add new terms, go to the browsing page and use
      1. the Glossary Category Entry Form (for new classes), or
      2. the Glossary Entry Form (for instances, i.e., proper nouns)