CIMI Glossary Meeting 20120228

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CIMI Glossary Meeting 20120228, 4 pm ET


  • Jay Lyle
  • Anneke Goossen
  • Linda Bird
  • Alan James
  • Harold Solbrig


  • While a wiki is designed for collaboration, a glossary should have a certain amount of stability. We agreed on the following process:
  1. Anyone may add reference definitions at any time.
  2. Anyone may modify definitions as long as the entry is "in process."
  3. We will work through the list alphabetically on the calls, agreeing on definitions.
  4. Once a term's definition has been agreed to on the call, we will change the status to "agreed." Quorum is 3.
  5. Once a term is "agreed," everyone is still welcome to suggest changes on the "Discussion" tab and to bring them to the meetings, but we ask that the definitions remain unchanged until discussed.
  • We did not discuss a policy for changing links ("See," "Seealso," "Instanceof," or "Category").
  • We worked through "Concept" in the categories list and "Archetype Query Language" in the instances list.

Action Items

  • Harold will add the status property.
  • Jay will finish entering Sandy's changes.

Next meeting

  • We'll meet again in two weeks.
  • Agenda: open items from last meeting, then continue discussions with "Conceptual Information Model."