CIMI Glossary Meeting 20120214

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

4 pm ET (UTC-5)


  • Sandy Steward
  • Anneke Goossen
  • Harold Solbrig
  • Linda Bird
  • Michael van der Zel
  • Jay Lyle
  1. Conferencing technology failed. Harold has volunteered Global Crossing for the next meeting.
  2. Jay was nominated to lead the group. As there were no other candidates, he will do so.
  3. Harold provided an overview of the CIMI wiki
    1. AKA should be used for synonyms; “see also” for related concepts.
    2. We don’t need the “Definition” pages; we do need discussion space. Whether that should be a section or a separate page not determined.
    3. Definitions taken from external sources are to be preferred, both as likely representing common understanding and as easier to maintain.
    4. It would be good to establish a relationship between our definition and any source definition(s): “taken from,” “adapted from,” or no relationship.
  4. Process: Jay will apply changes proposed so far, or changes to be proposed by those not comfortable with the wiki. He will bring clearly problematic issues to the next meeting. Others are free to do the same, or to identify changes they feel are problematic from the wiki change log.
    1. Criteria for including terms: parsimonious (to avoid spending time discussing interesting topics ineffectively) or broad (to avoid as much confusion as possible, including confusion you might not anticipate)?
      1. Include terms that can have multiple or ambiguous definitions or are not in common use?
      2. Include all key concepts?
    2. As Jane suggested, some definitions may assert that a term has a general meaning, but that in the context of CIMI, we refine that meaning.
      1. We may need multiple definitions for a term, but we’ll wait to see if we have a problem before complicating the process.
    3. Harold created a page for discussing inclusion critieria.
  5. Action items
    1. Harold: Collapse definitions to main page; remove MOH holdings as a source; document wiki predicates; show definitions on discussion page; start a page to document the process.
    2. Jay: continue to apply changes
    3. All: review glossary; make changes or send suggestions to Jay
  6. We’ll meet in two weeks, same time.
  7. Topics will include
    1. Address global suggestions
      1. Preference for external definitions
      2. Using appositive phrases (except where #1 precludes this)
      3. Stewardship categories
      4. Is there a standard dictionary we can use?