ADL Terminology Binding

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Proposal for ADL Terminology Binding:

  1. Value Set Identifiers should be representable as URI's
    1. All CIMI authored value sets will derive their identifiers and URIs from the SNOMED CT CIMI namespace. This applies whether the content of the value set is in SNOMED CT space or not.
    2. Existing value sets will derive their URI's from the URI construction rules (ref)
  2. The 'canonical' and exchange format for value sets will be CTS2.
    1. "Extensional" value sets will be represented as ResolvedValueSet constructs. Optionally, "Extensional" value sets may be represented as ValueSetDefinition<code> constructs with
    2. Mappings and tools will be provided for translation between CTS2 and the HL7 Terminfo Extension formats and the IHTSDO value set definition grammar.
  3. Global Term Bindings
  4. Path Based Bindings
  5. Constraint_bindings
  6. Ordinal