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Thomas Beale's early experience was in CMM level 4 engineering of real-time control systems. He has also worked in some of the largest financial enterprises in Australia, in both a strategic advisory capacity and on project implementation. He has worked in e-health since 1994, when he was the technical advisor for the Good European Health Record (GEHR) project. Since 1998, he has been involved in international e-health standards development (OMG, HL7, CEN, IHTSDO), including as an IHTSDO Technical Committee member 2009-2012. He has worked on the openEHR architecture since 2001, and is the chief technical editor, as well as having designed the archetype formalism (ADL) and reference compiler, now in use by CEN and ISO. He is currently:

   * Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of Ocean Informatics, based in London
   * Chair of the openEHR Architectural Review Board (ARB)
   * member the IHTSDO Implementation and Innovation committee.