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Co-founder and CTO of Datuit, LLC, a start-up vendor of tools enabling virtual care teams (PCMH and ACO as well as more flexible configurations) to work in tight real-time coordination instead of intermittent serial coordination. Our core product is the SafeIX application platform that allows virtual care team apps to all work off of a common already-up-to-date health record for the patient, regardless of which EHR/PHR vendor is used by the patient and each of the patient's various providers. The first app currently under development for SafeIX is the datuit Care Plan Manager. This app meets one of the critical needs for a successful PCMH implementation: a common shared care plan that all providers and the patient can collaborate on.

Previous co-founder and CEO of CareFacts Information Systems, Inc., a respected vendor of EHR software for home care, hospice, and public health, with customers in 35 states. We sold CareFacts to HealthcareFirst in Dec 2010 in order to pursue the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) technology we are developing at Datuit.