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Catherine E. Chronaki is a Senior Software Engineer at FORTH-Institute of Computer Science. A computer engineer by training, Catherine has engaged in health IT projects since the 1990s. She led the design and implementation of integrated eHealth and medical collaboration services driven by clinical protocols and interoperability standards, while at the same time addressing risk assessment and consumer adoption. She was coordinator of the OpenECG project that built a network and validation services for ECG interoperability. She currently manages for FORTH iCARDEA an EU funded project developing an intelligent platform for the management of patients with an Implantable Cardiac Device. Co-author of 80+ scientific papers, engaged in leading conferences and workshops focusing on interoperability and standards, she serves as Associate Editor for IEEE Trans on IT in Biomedicine, a member of the eHealth Governance Initiative (eGHI), and Affiliate Director on the Board of HL7 International.