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An archetype is a re-usable, formal model of a concept. An archetype is expressed as a computable set of constraint statements, on an underlying reference model (URM). Concepts that can be modelled using archetypes include weight measurement, blood pressure, microbiology results, discharge referral, prescription, diagnosis. CIMI archetypes will be represented as instances of the ‘Archetype Object Model’.

[JL: removed "domain" in 1st sentence; changed predicate number in 3rd.]

--Anneke Goossen 04:51, 22 February 2012 (EST)Do we want to add the definition of archetype from the ISO 13606 as an second reference definition? An Archetype is the formal definition of prescribed combinations of the building-block classes defined in the Reference Model for particular clinical domains or organizations. An archetype is a formal expression of a distinct, domain-level concept, expressed in the form of constraints on data whose instances conform to the reference model. For an EHR_Extract, as defined in this part of ISO 13606, an archetype instance specifies (and effectively constrains) a particular hierarchy of RECORD_COMPONENT sub-classes, defining or constraining their names and other relevant attribute values, optionality and multiplicity at any point in the hierarchy, the data types and value ranges that ELEMENT data values may take, and other constraints. Source: ISO 13606-1, 2008

--Stephen Chu 11 July 2012 An archetype should be a re-usable, formal model of a discrete concept. The examples quoted in the CIMI definition contains aggregates of discrete concepts. "Discharge referral" and "Prescription" should not be treated as an archetype. It contains aggregation of archetypes.

Gerard Freriks 03:37, 11 July 2012 (EDT) There are several ways in which topics can be defined. We feel that the definition below contains all the discriminating elements that make archetypes, as we use it, unique for our CIMI/13606 context. The definition that is used in the EN13606 Association is: artefact conforming to an Archetype Object Model expressed as a set of constraints on a Reference Model, expressing what could be documented on a specific topic This type of definition needs other items in the Glossary: AOM and RM.