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Definition: A human-readable name assigned to a concept.
Reference Definition: A word describing an idea, concept or thing, e.g. 'dog' (preferred English term), which may have alternate designations, e.g., 'hund' (German) or 'canis lupus' (HL7 SAIF-IF)
Reference Definition: (Description) A human-readable phrase or name (Term) associated with a particular SNOMED CT concept code. Each of the descriptions in SNOMED CT is given a separate row in the Descriptions Table. Each Description is assigned a unique DescriptionId and connects a Term and a Concept. (IHTSDO) - SNOMED CT User Guide
Reference Definition: (Designation) A Designation is a language symbol for a concept that is intended to convey the concept meaning to a human being. A Designation may also be known as an appellation, symbol, or term. A Designation is typically used to populate the 'displayName' property of an HL7 coded data type. (HL7) - Core Principles
Reference Definition: verbal designation of a general concept in a specific subject field (ISO 1087-1) - SKMT
Reference Definition: {{{1}}}
Usage Note: A concept may have multiple terms associated with it, in which case the terms are synonyms.

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