CRM Taskforce Meeting Minutes - 26 April 2012

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  • Linda Bird (Ministry of Health Holdings, Singapore)
  • Richard Kavanagh (NHS Connecting for Health)
  • Galen Mulrooney (ONC, U.S.A.)
  • Michael van der Zel (Results4Care, Lifelines)


  • Gerard Freriks (EN13606 Association)
  • Josh Mandel (SMArt)
  • Thomas Beale (Ocean Informatics)
  • Stan Huff (Intermountain Healthcare)
  • Grahame Grieve (Health Intersections)
  • Cecil Lynch (Accenture) - CIMI Clinical Modelling Taskforce


  • Tooling update (eg XMI, Requirements)
  • Datatypes review
  • Semantic links discussion
  • Reference Model Review – e.g. discussion topics
    • Locatable/Link/Archetyped
    • Cluster has Data_Value
    • Event context
    • Participation
  • Plans/Actions

Brief Summary

  • Tooling update (eg XMI, Requirements)
    • Editing functionality in ADL workbench is proceeding [Tom]
    • XMI import process is complete [Tom]
    • Galen has tested previous XMI in RA. Linda to send updated XMI to Galen to test
    • Comments/documentation has been lost in XMI import [Michael]
      • Michael to look at adding this manually
    • {bag} (a.k.a. ‘allow duplicates’) has been added to every attribute [Michael]
      • Michael to look at removing this manually
    • Tooling Requirements: First draft complete. For review by both taskforces.
    • Linda to send out EA model to all for comment
  • Datatypes review
    • Tom has not yet met with Grahame re text datatype. [Tom]
    • Specific Comments [Michael]
      • DV_URI – Should this be removed?
        • Singapore uses this for representing Document links
        • Not used by Michael, Richard or Galen
      • DV_INTERVAL – Should this become a pattern?
        • Used by Linda, Richard and Galen; Agreed by Michael
      • DV_ENCAPSULATED – Should this be simplified and implementation attributes removed?
        • Recommendation: Combine DV_MULTIMEDIA, DV_PARSABLE and DV_ENCAPSULATED into a single ‘ATTACHMENT’ class, and only use attributes: mimeType and data.
      • DV_TEXT – Encoding and hyperlink are implementation-specific
        • Recommendation: Remove ‘encoding’, ‘hyperlink’ and ‘formatting’
      • CODE_PHRASE (or ‘CODING’)
        • Recommendation: The following attributes to be used:
          • Concept_id: String [1]
          • Terminology_id: String [1] ((Q: OID or enum?))
          • Terminology_version: String [0..1]
          • Description_id: String [0..1]
          • Term: String [1]
      • DV_TEMPORAL – what is the private attribute “_amount”?
        • Deleted ‘_amount’ as this seems to be an XMI import error
      • DV_QUANTITY – why is unit a string? Shouldn’t this be a coded_text?
        • Recommendation: DV_QUANTITY.units to have type ‘CODE_PHRASE’
  • Reference Model Review (See Appendix 1 for draft CIMI Reference Model that was discussed)
    • Locatable/Link/Archetyped
      • The Locatable class is essential for archetype-enabling a reference model. There are some suggestions for tweaks to the openEHR class, which I can detail later. [Tom]
      • Agreed that these should be included in the CIMI Reference Model
    • Event context
      • Event_context and Participations (of various kinds), both are regularly archetyped; you can see on CKM or Nehta CKM for examples (COMPOSITION archetypes for Event context) [Tom]
      • Singapore needs to specialise and extend the Event_Context class, which would be easier if this was archetyped [Linda]
      • Brief discussion on whether this should be archetyped – no conclusion reached
    • Participation
      • Reference Model models participations on EVENT_CONTEXT as a relationship, while participations on and ENTRY as a datatype. It was suggested that these should be consistent.
      • Their utility at both Composition and Entry was agreed.


  • Distribute minutes and EA model for comment: Linda
  • Send latest XMI file to Galen for testing in RSA: Linda, Galen
  • Add comments/documentation to and remove {bag} from EA model: Michael
  • Send around tooling requirements for review by both taskforces: Linda
  • Start planning for May face-to-face meeting: All
    • Draft list of deliverables, breakout session agenda and taskforce report for comment: Linda