CRM Taskforce Meeting Minutes - 22 March 2012

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  • Linda Bird (Ministry of Health Holdings, Singapore)
  • Michael van der Zel (Results4Care)
  • Thomas Beale (Ocean Informatics)
  • Stan Huff (Intermountain Healthcare)
  • Gerard Freriks (EN13606 Association)
  • Galen Mulrooney, ONC, U.S.A.


  • Josh Mandel (SMArt)
  • Grahame Grieve (Health Intersections)
  • Richard Kavanagh (NHS Connecting for Health)


  • OMG meeting Update
  • Brief discussion of each candidate reference model (with examples, as discussed last week)
  • Review of strengths and weaknesses of each approach
  • Shortlisting of candidate reference models or Discussion of voting procedures
  • Planning for (and delegation of) further work

Brief Summary

  • Galen gave a brief update of the Health taskforce workshop at the recent OMG meeting
    • OMG interested in putting together a CIMI profile
    • Sparx Systems interested in implementing this profile
  • Michael discussed the DCM reference model, in relation to a Body Height example
    • Includes Root concept, data, qualifier and state
  • Gerard discussed the EN13606 Association proposals
    • Includes Composition, Section, Entry, Cluster, Element
    • Based on an Artefact Construction reference model that describes how artefacts can be assembled/connected.
  • Linda discussed comparison between openEHR core model and ISO13606-1 reference model
  • Discussion of voting process. Process will be as follows:
    • Each member of the taskforce will vote for their preferred starting point reference model, from the following list:
      • ISO13606-1 (or variation)
      • openEHR Reference Model
      • openEHR/ISO13606-1 Harmonisation
      • DCM2010 (ISO13972 conformant)
      • EN13606 Association Proposal
    • Each member will provide a brief justification of their vote, in terms of the selection criteria discussed at the previous meetings
    • Once all votes are received, the option(s) with the fewest votes will be eliminated, until a single reference model is selected
    • Once the starting point reference model is selected by the group, we will then proceed to identify areas requiring improvement, in conjunction with the requirements gap-analysis.


  • Linda Bird to:
    • Distribute minutes
  • All to:
    • Submit votes and explain reasons