CIMI Glossary Meeting 20120710

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CIMI Glossary meeting, 10 July 2012, 5 pm EDT (2100 GMT)


  • Sarah Ryan
  • Linda Bird
  • Gerard Freriks
  • Jay Lyle

Unable to attend

  • Stephen Chu
  • Sandy Stewart


  1. Review minutes from last meeting
    1. soliciting terms from meetings: not yet done (Jay)
      1. alignment w reference model
    2. additionall dimensions:
      1. usage OK
      2. context: may need in certain cases (modeling vs. terminology vs. ontology, e.g.)
      3. source: we have already
      4. category (status): we have
      5. image: maybe
  1. Does everyone have access to the tool, & ability to write
    1. Yes: Sarah Gerard Linda Jay
    2. Open: Sandy and Stephen (Jay)
  1. Review SKMT guidelines; agree on approach
    1. test run: do 10; choose the most disparate (all)
    2. edit test run in Word: copy in twice and track changes in second
    3. we'll do the rest in wiki
    4. suggest tough cases: archetype, concept, entry
  1. Status of demo
    1. Sarah to arrange (Sarah)
  1. Allot tasks
    1. done
      1. edit for style & content (skmt & 13606)
      2. 13606 has priority for model concepts, though CIMI should modify where necessary
  1. Model definitions from 13606
    1. as a resource; Jay to build page (Jay)
  1. IHTSDO glossary alignment assessment
    1. Talk to Jane Millar (Jay)
    2. legal language around organizational alignment