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  • This module requires read rights.
  • This module requires write rights.

This module is used to remotely create or edit pages using Semantic Forms.

Add "template-name[field-name]=field-value" to the query string parameter, to set the value for a specific field. To set values for more than one field use "&", or rather its URL encoded version "%26": "template-name[field-name-1]=field-value-1%26template-name[field-name-2]=field-value-2". See the first example below.

In addition to the query parameter, any parameter in the URL of the form "template-name[field-name]=field-value" will be treated as part of the query. See the second example.


The form to use.


The target page.


The query string.

With query parameter: api.php?action=sfautoedit&form=form-name&target=page-name&query=template-name[field-name-1]=field-value-1%26template-name[field-name-2]=field-value-2
api.php?Without query parameter: api.php?action=sfautoedit&form=form-name&target=page-name&template-name[field-name-1]=field-value-1&template-name[field-name-2]=field-value-2